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Review on MOBOT Mobility Scooters



Our team members had a close look at some of the bestselling varieties of mobility scooters being sold through the official website MOBOT. What we have been able to gather is that the sales of these two or 3 wheel mobility scooter have always increased due to demand from consumers. The very concept is quite revolutionary from what we gathered based on a sample survey of consumers who had purchased mobility scooter.

It is generally seen that people love the idea of being electrically driven primarily because they can cut costs on their fuel bill. Then there are also other reasons for which they greatly prefer a personal mobility scooter over another of fuel type.


Reasons for Choosing an Electric Driven Scooter

Our survey had pointed out that buyers nowadays are driven more by cost control rather than simply being an exhibitionist. The need-based use of a 3 wheel scooter far exceeds the desire to ride a hefty looking fuel driven bike. There is also yet another reason why more male and females choose to ride a mobility aid and that is it is green friendly. Many people love to have a pollution free world and therefore they think this is the future of vehicles in the years to come.

But not in the least is the price of the personal mobility aid itself. It is way below that of a fuel based scooter.



Hassle Free and Law Friendly

In Singapore, you will find that a 3 wheel scooter or a standing type mobility scooter has little or no problems with the law. You wouldn't be fined or face other hurdles if you park it anywhere. All mobility aid is an extension of the previous hand-driven wheelchair yet nowadays they have adorned great features and styles.

We found in our honest review that for a long distance they may have some problems, but for city life, they are almost mandatory.

The guide to using a mobility scooter


The ability to move about is a matter of joy, especially to those who were unable to move because of various reasons, old age, disability or illness. A mobility scooter is a boon for those who would love to move about independently without help.


The modern devices are safer and more comfortable to use, yet you should, as a user, know certain points to be able to use the scooter more safely and comfortably.


Points to note when using a mobility device


Understand the function: A scooter that is used for mobility comes with various kinds of features and functions. You should know what each function is so that you can operate it easily. There is also no need to worry about the many features of the scooter because these are not at all complicated.


Know your speed: Maintain the speed as per the place you are driving it. As a rule, the speed limit to follow while on the road is 12.6 kph while on a footpath, it is around 6.4 kph.


Keep it light: Keep the load capacity to a limit. Ensure that the load is placed in the middle and not at the back. Never overload your scooter.


Pay attention to brakes: Check if the scooter is in freewheel before attempting to drive it.


Check the tyres: As a matter of rule for any vehicles, you should always check the tyres before you embark on the scooter. Maintain the recommended tyre pressure and look after the tyres well.


Lights are important: Do not keep the scooter lights in the switch off position all the time. Use it as much as you can. Before you get on the scooter to drive, check the lights and see if they are functioning properly.


A scooter can be the best device to help in mobility and all you have to do is adhere to the safety rules and learn to drive it safely.


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